MTC Eating Distress Practitioners are Teachers and Mentors of a Free and Positive Life.

Our practitioners are specialists in body image issues and nutritional issues.

Education is core to our treatment. Education is from the Latin word ‘educe’ which means ‘draw out, bring out’. We aim to draw the very best out of every person we work with. The work of our MTC team is based on teaching our clients to let go of self-destructive coping mechanisms and learn to experience a Life of Freedom. Our program, based in over 20 years of specialising in Eating Distress recovery, provides positive life-changes, cognitive and behavioural changes, emotional guidance and learning to let go of your negative, and pre-conditional thinking.

When you attend Marino Therapy Centre, you become a student of Life.

What we offer

One to one session with Eating Distress Practitioner

One to One sessions are specifically tailored to each client and their journey to Full Freedom


Group Meetings

Every Tuesday 7:30pm – 9:00pm:
Group session for sufferers only.
Price: 10 Euro

Every Saturday 10:30am – 12:00pm
Group session for carers and sufferers.
Price: 10 Euro

All welcome, no booking is necessary, just arrive and take a seat upstairs!

Skype sessions

Skype sessions are available at Marino Therapy Centre.

Remote therapy sessions can be used full-time in therapy, or it is great to avoid cancelling appointments during sickness or on vacation.

It is policy that all SkypeTM sessions must be paid for at time of booking. Online payments.

Nutritional sessions

Our Nutritional Practitioner specialises in dealing with nutrition when recovering from an Eating Distress.

You or your loved one will learn how to form a new constructive relationship with both nutrition and the body.

Intensive Programme

This is one of the facilities offered to clients of Marino Therapy Centre to promote recovery. It is an effective strategy at critical stages of the recovery process for some clients and it is implemented at the behest of the practitioner involved. For some clients it is a necessary intervention tool at the beginning of therapy, for some it can be a tool for finalising recovery and others may find it useful to navigate a difficulty during the recovery process.

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What is carework

In the early stages of recovery, when sufferers are in the grips of the condition, they often benefit from extra motivation and guidance in addition to their weekly therapy sessions; this is where careworking comes into play. The sufferer’s mind is extremely receptive to suggestions at this critical time, and his or her concentration is sporadic, therefore distraction helps the person get through the hardest of times. Carework provides the person with spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional support.

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International clients

Marino Therapy Centre intensive out patient program is open to sufferers and their families not just from Ireland but also further a field. People from France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, US and Great Britain and many others have availed of our program.

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Group Sessions for Carers

When your loved one is recovering from an Eating Distress, it is a great boost to their recovery when their supporters are also learning about the journey in order to provide guidance in a constructive way. Group meetings provide the opportunity to learn from practitioners, recovered people, other carers and people with personal experiences. Understanding is vital for your loved one’s journey to Freedom

Groups Sessions for Carers & Sufferers are held every Saturday from 10.30am-12.00pm

All welcome, no need to book, just come along and take a seat upstairs.

Diploma course in Eating Distress studies

An Individualised Person-Tailored One to One Training in The Psycholinguistic Motivational Model

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Marino schools initiative project

Eating Distress is a condition that is widely misunderstood and often neglected.

The Marino Therapy Centre was founded by Marie Campion in 1991, the centre has years of experience working with Eating Distress throughout schools in Ireland. Due to increased demand the centre has launched MSIP, a project aimed to raise awareness among teachers, pupils, parents and friends.

M.S.I.P have carefully designed a range of talks to meet the growing concern for further information and understanding of Eating Distress. The talks accommodate pupils of all ages and cover the following topics:

What is Eating Distress

Who is affected by Eating Distress

How can we help

The role of schools in recovery

Young men and Eating Distress

The role of Internet in Recovery

How family and friends can help

Each talk last for 1 hour however the speaker will remain after the talk for anyone who has questions or wants to speak privately.

All talks are delivered in a friendly, safe environment and the team at the Marino Therapy Centre endeavour to provide the required treatment, aftercare and support.

We look forward to hearing from you.